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“The Secret History of the Cedar Valley” is a exhibit organized by Art Professor Matthew Wilson which will take place in March/April of 2007 at the Wartburg College Art Gallery in Waverly, Iowa.

The show will celebrate the wonderful array of influential bands and musicians in the Cedar Valley, and will also uncover more obscure but equally fascinating lo-fi musical projects of hitherto unknown individuals and groups.

The spontaneous energetic spark of the creative impulse will be championed as embodied in the Do-it-yourself (DIY) aesthetic, which valued the homemade over the mass-produced.

The exhibition will feature art, design, photography, cultural artifacts, videos, and original music documenting the prolific creative output and rich cultural impact of the independent (“indie”) rock music scene in the Cedar Valley over the past 30 years.

Interactive listening stations will allow gallery visitors to hear archival recordings of local music and will provide a wealth of visual and historical information about each selection. Videos and films will be shown of musical performances and documentary footage of cultural events. The design of posters, flyers, albums, cassettes, CDs, and other promotional materials will be showcased.

This exhibit is being planned with the cooperation and assistance from student volunteers and members of the local community to make it as creative, intense, and exciting as possible!

Matthew Wilson