Slughive Demo

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Slughive CassetteDemo Insert

Track Listing

  • Side 1
    1. If it Works...
    2. Dirigible Incendiarism #8
    3. Phase Shifter
    4. Disturbances
    5. Reject
    6. Ate

Liner Notes

Recorded at Grand Junction Studios, 3-95 by Jeff I and Slughive.


The photo on the tape cover is a fly on a flower reflected in a number of dew drops.


"Wow! Lot's of powerful vocals backed by very heavy noisy music. One of the three best bands in the area right now."
"After going through a slew of names, these locals have settled on one that hasn't been taken and put out a six song tape of music analagous to either a dense tar pit of heavy sound or a howling electrical storm of noise and feedback. Either way this band's sound reminds me of music made by some otherworldly race of insect people, seemingly cold and inscrutable and alien. The band has an excellent sense of texture and musical structure, even though they do unorthodox things with musical constructs. The sound is equally made up of dissonant guitars and high-pitched harmonics backed by a rumbling low-end bass with unexpected sounds that come at you from all over. Vocalist "Thorax" alternately sings like someone in a trance and screams like someone being flayed alive. Yet while it's noisy, it all blends into a cohesive sound. Plus, it features the coolest song title, "Dirigible Incendiarism #8""