Sarah Hoffman

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Chuck Hoffman's Sister


  • One summer, I had the rare opportunity to hang out with Chuck's Sister #2. We conversated (along with Mike Hays!) and it came out that she had been knitting and really liked Third Rock From The Sun. Not having a scarf, I, of course, asked her to make me one and she agreed. Cometh the winter, I was surprised when Chuck Hoffman, her brother, brought me a wonderfully crafted, attractive pea green scarf with tassles- I had not expected her to follow through and had forgotten the matter. Sadly, this tale must end in tragedy, however, as a year after moving to Seattle, the scarf was lost on the trek home from the Arboretum. Although my aunt Jean has since knitted me a scarf of a similar color (despite not knowing of my previously lost scarf,) I shall always remember and miss that scarf lost somewhere on Madison Avenue. I can only take solace in the thought that someone else had discovered and cherishes it to this day.=Joe Riehle