Imaginary Enemies Disc 3

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Imaginary Enemies Disc 3

Album Information

Part of a self released 4 disc set of material by Imaginary Enemies.

Track Listing

  • Addictive Behavioral Patterns
    1. Dying to Find You
    2. What's the Hardest Thing You've Done
    3. Mirrors Upsidedown
    4. Upsidedown Mirrors
    5. That Much is Clear as Mud
    6. Oneliners
    7. What Do I Have to Add?
    8. We're All Out of the Loop
    9. The Part I Wanted to Play
    10. See Through
    11. 7 Ans
    12. Settle Down
    13. InstruMental
    14. Which of These Lives is Mine?
    15. BlackHoleBlind
    16. It Was Never Really Mine At All
    17. Crumbling Circles
    18. No More Wondering What to Do
    19. Spying On You
    20. Help
    21. Baby Proof
    22. Lullaby
    23. Doesn't Mean You Can Have It All to Yourself

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